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Olive Branch Marketing, based in Coshocton, Ohio, stands as a flourishing force in web development, digital, and print marketing. With a rich background spanning over a decade, we've honed our marketing expertise from local roles to international endeavors, including managing online content and print materials for a non-profit organization in our move to Northwestern Ontario.

Our extensive experience in web design and marketing stems from crafting websites and print designs locally, coupled with managerial responsibilities overseeing online content production. We understand the challenges businesses face in maintaining a consistent and professional online presence, recognizing the crucial role it plays in remaining visible to the public.

We invite you to meet at a local coffee shop, where Olive Branch Marketing is poised to alleviate the burdens of your online presence with a blend of professional and consistent design. Let's collaborate to ensure your message resonates and your business remains unforgettable in the print and digital landscape.

What's Behind Our Name

Ever wondered about the story behind the name Olive Branch Marketing? It's more than just a name; it's a narrative deeply rooted in inspiration. Stemming from my study trip to Israel in June 2014, where the landscape painted with olive trees left an indelible mark, the name holds a profound connection to the olive tree.

Drawing from the imagery in Romans 11 of being grafted into the olive tree, Olive Branch Marketing embodies the idea that, like a new business or one with minimal exposure, you can be grafted into the marketplace. Our goal is to help your business become a thriving branch, intricately connected to the vast network of the business world. But if some of the branches were broken off, and you — a wild olive (gentiles)— were grafted in among them (Israel) and have become equal sharers in the rich root of the olive tree, Romans 11:17 CJB

Just as Gentiles are grafted into the original olive tree without replacing it, we see Israel and the Jewish people as forever symbolizing the olive tree in our name's deeper significance. At Olive Branch Marketing, we commit to crafting a strong graft for your business, ensuring it flourishes in the digital landscape. Trust us to create a robust online presence through website design and other avenues, allowing your business to not only survive but thrive and engage with the global marketplace.

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